How a Professional Fiberglass Repair Service Provider Will Remove All Scratches from Your Boat

Scratches are one of the most common problems with fiberglass boats. They can be caused by almost anything, from an inattentive passenger to branches on the riverbank. Although these scratches do not pose an immediate danger, they are quite unsightly. That is why, many boat owners are wondering if there is a way to remove scratches from fiberglass boats. Well, as a matter of fact, there is. Here is how a professional fiberglass repair service provider will do it.

Depends how deep are the scratches will be the type of process needed.
If the scratches are only superficial they will remove all dirt, dust, and debris from the affected area.
They will then wet sand the area with 1000 grit sandpaper.
The sanding process must be done very carefully in order not to affect the gelcoat layer.
The workers will continue sanding with 1500 grit sandpaper.
Once all the scratches are removed, the area will be buffed. This process consist on 3 or more stages using different compounds starting with the most aggressive to the softer one until every scratch and swirl mark are gone leaving a very smooth and shiny surface.

If the scratches are too deep, the gelcoat on that area will need to be replace, for that the specialists will have to sand all the way through creating a rough surface even increasing the area to which will aloud the new gelcoat to attach perfectly on top of the old one. Once this is done a complete process of wet sanding needs to be made starting with 320 grid until 1500 and then will finish buffing the whole repaired area expanding of course far out to recover a evenly shiny surface.

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