Find out How to Protect Your Fiberglass Boat from “Gelcoat Blisters”

A fiberglass boat is a laminated structure consisting of various core materials and reinforcing fibers bonded together with a resin. One of the most common problems with these boats is the “gelcoat blistering” effect. This problem usually occurs when moisture enters between the laminate and gelcoat layers, causing the latter to develop acid gasses. These gases push into the laminate layer, forming blisters.

Factors that influence blister formation in fiberglass boats
Permeability. If the structure is not properly waterproofed, water will infiltrate into the gelcoat layer.
Gelcoat Thickness. If the gelcoat layer is not thick enough, water will pass right through it.
Temperature. A sudden increase in temperature can cause blistering.

The “gelcoat blistering” effect is very hard to prevent. If you have a fiberglass boat, then you may already have this problem. Luckily, Lund Marine can help you fix this issue. If you reside in Dawsonville, GA, then call us at (706) 974-8171. We offer quality fiberglass services at fair rates.